Offering environmentally compliant services

Our company realizes that corporations and consumers alike have a significant impact on the environment. A sustainable world utilizes the best ways that improve life for many future generations. eLoop’s mission is focused around the Triple Bottom Line: environmental, economical, and social benefits.

The economic impact to any organization is minimal. Our material processors have the most efficient processes and technologically advanced procedures in the industry. The result is providing an extremely competitive low cost solution to any organization while keeping in mind the environmental benefits of eWaste recycling.

Responsibly handling your IT assets

We do not send any eWaste to developing nations and we focus on keeping the majority of the recycling efforts local.  This enables us to keep 60% of the material in Pennsylvania, creating more “Green Jobs.” We are 100% transparent, giving consumers and organizations the confidence in knowing the final destination of their electronics.

We are a pledged e-Steward with the Basel Action Network and we comply with the Recycling Industry Operating Standards (RIOS) as outlined by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.  As a Basel Action member, we audit all of our electronic waste vendors.

Keeping your eWaste out of landfills

Keeping everything out of the landfill ensures that reusing and recycling all electronics alleviates the need for mining and starting the manufacturing process from the beginning. Utilizing existing material continues the loop, which uses less energy.

  • Landfill avoidance of 98% of all material
  • Nothing is processed by Prison Labor
  • No untested / non-working electronic equipment is exported
  • All reclaimed commodity grade materials are resold