eLoop, in partnership with Cellbie, is pleased to announce our Enhanced Cell Phone Recovery service. This new service offers you higher trade-in values, while strengthening our shared commitment to environmentally friendly device disposal and absolute security of your company’s data.

Mobile devices continue to evolve at a remarkable pace, and your company recognizes the competitive value of staying at the front of the technology curve. Enhanced Asset Recovery ensures that staying in front remains cost-effective by delivering the highest value for your used assets.

Highlights include:

Best Trade-in Price in the Industry

Our advanced trade-in system accesses a broad “marketplace” of device purchasers.  Once the device is transferred on to the marketplace, the buyers are able to view the inventory and make a purchase in real-time.  Every device is sold at the highest price in the market allowing for the highest possible return on your cell phone trade in.

Fast, Accurate Device Quotes

Online access to the highest prices eliminates manual quotes and long delays. You’ll receive an accurate up-front quote faster than ever.

Reduce Costs or Reinvest

The value of your used devices is available to you quickly as a credit. Use it to reduce the cost of upgrading your fleet of devices and to invest in new wireless solutions, making you more competitive than ever.

Comprehensive Reporting

We’ll provide you with detailed trade-in reports. Every device will be accounted for (working or broken), and we’ll let you know how its condition and functionality were assessed, and what its trade-in value was. We’ll also confirm that your data was removed from every device before it left our hands.