The organizations that we serve know we offer the best value for the services we provide. As a Product Steward and Data Destruction Specialist, we provide a “Complete Chain of Custody” from our client through our processing facilities to the final disposition of the materials. Our clients continually challenge us to recycle and re-purpose a variety of different types of equipment. We are a perfect match for companies refreshing their technology or companies that have Corporate Sustainability goals looking to work with a “like minded” recycler.

Benefits eLoop llc. provides:

  • Complimentary valuation services
  • Complete chain of custody on all assets
  • In-house end-of-life electronics recycling
  • Certificate of Data Destruction/Recycling
  • Serial number recording
  • Customized transportation and pick up solutions

Who We Serve:

  • Information Technology Companies
  • Financial Service Companies
  • Government Entities
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Townships, Municipalities, Cities, and Counties
  • Residents

Items That We Process:

  • Computing Devices (Laptops, personal computers, desktop computers, monitors, and more)
  • Mobile Devices (Cell phones, tablets, iPods, and accessories)
  • Data Equipment (Servers, racks, UPS, and more)
  • Peripherals (Printers, scanners, mice, keyboards, and more)
  • Media (Hard Drives, tapes, flash media, and more)
  • Batteries (Lithium-ion, alkaline, cobaltate, and more)
  • Lamps (Fluorescent, CFL, HID, Halogen, and more)

*For a list items we accept at our facility, please visit the Accepted Items section of the website*