What is a Chain of Custody?

A chain of custody refers to the chronological documentation or paper trail that shows the collection, custody, control, transfer, scan, and disposition of electronic assets.  We provide this secure chain of custody from the pickup of your materials to the final disposition of each piece of equipment.

Reporting for proper accounting and data security

Through communication with your person of contact, we will receive an equipment list and determine your reporting and security needs before receiving your equipment.  The client will receive a scope of work expressing the plan of execution for your project.  Our goal is to provide services beyond the expectations of our clients and provide a continuous service that would become consistent over the life of the contract.


Once the Scope of Work is agreed on and signed, the sales team will produce a Driver Pick-up Log (D-PUL) which will list the type of equipment and the quantity that will be leaving the client’s custody and entering eLoop’s custody.  The document is reviewed and signed by the client’s person of authority as well as our driver.

When the items are safely returned to our facility, the sales team will provide a Commercial Receiving log (CRL) to the receiving, accounting, and triage departments.  This document summarizes the level of service and the details of reporting from the Scope of Work.


The receiving department is responsible for checking in the equipment that was received from the client and validate the weights and counts.  The CRL will assure that the receiver understands the security and reporting needs to properly dispose of the equipment.

A Shipping/Receiving Transaction log is prepared to reflect 100% of the equipment in quantity and pounds.  The documents are scanned and sent to accounting.  All equipment received is labeled.  Equipment containing sensitive data is locked in the Triage department to await further processing.  Triage will use the CRL to understand the specific reporting/security requirements to destroy your data.


Invoices, certificates of recycling/destruction, and equipment/hard drive scans will be forwarded to the client.  The entire transaction set will be filed for each client in hard copy.

The sales team will contact the client in the event that any equipment, media or hard drives are found that were not listed in the Scope of Work. In the event where any equipment, media, or hard drives are found, we will contact the client immediately and proceed accordingly.  This process will be documented for the client.

These documents are posted to your company’s folder on our eTrack web reporting site.   We offer a login to the site for corporate clients and repeat business so that they are able to conveniently view these files.