Data Destruction

Most people are unaware of how much critical data is stored on their computers, laptops, and cellphones, which have become a major part of their daily productivity. Unfortunately, hackers and thieves are continuing to find ways to steal data. eLoop can offer data destruction solutions to satisfy even your most stringent business requirements and comply with all of your company’s procedures.

Our team of professionals will work directly with your organization to outline all of the steps involved in the collection of equipment, the removal of data containing devices, and data destruction. The safest data is no data. That’s why eLoop offers several data destruction techniques based on your needs.

  • Physical Hard Drive Destruction: Hard drives are de-boarded and sent through a shredder to permanently destroy the hard drives.
  • Hard Drive Sanitization: We sanitize drives professionally either on-site or at our facility with software that meets all DoD standards.  The drives go through a validation step to assure they are clear of data before the drives are considered for reuse.
  • Tape Destruction: Physical destruction of tapes that may contain sensitive data.
  • Special Reporting:  The hard drive will be scanned to report the serial number on your certificate of destruction.
  • Certificate of destruction:  We will provide you with a certificate of destruction for the data containing devices that we destroy.

By communicating directly with the sales team and our data security specialists at eLoop, your company can design the type of service with the proper level of tracking and accountability that will minimize the risk and protect your most critical information.